Hi Mayank, Nice to hear from you. Unfortunately we don't sell any faucet or sink filters. You could write to the company and express your interest. The more they hear from the customers the more they will be apt to develop this product. Sorry that I can not be of any more help. Kind regards.lelya from Straits Team

Do you sell any counter-top or under-sink water filters that can filter out fluoride? I have a filter jug now, but would prefer to have an inline filter so that there is no hassle of filling and refilling the jug.

Our pleasure . Kind regards.

Thank you for your feedback. Kind regards.lelya

HI Shan, Nice to hear from you. The main difference between coho and sockeye is the amount of fat (Omega-3 and DHA and essential amino acids) and taste. Sockeye is stronger and fattier whist Coho is milder. I would suggest Coho for the children and gradually introduce the stronger and fattier salmon, Sockeye. Then, for even a stronger and fattier fish would be the King Salmon. Hope I've been helpful. Looking forward to any inquiry that you may have and comments and seeing you at our website again. Kind regards.Lelya

Hi I'm interested in purchasing the Alaskan salmon. Can I know what is the difference between the coho and sockeye, and which one is better to feed 10-12month infant? Thank you

Really interested in this but must say I do feel that I do not have green fingers. But after reading your post, feel a sense of hope. Want to try but would like to attend your workshops or so.

Straits Team
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