Almonds, Dates & Coconut Energy Balls

pack of 12 balls – Almonds, Dates & Coconut Energy Balls

These tasty snacks are powered with rich nutrients that will give you an energy  boost when you you have your afternoon dip. They will also satiate your sweet cravings as they are naturally sweetened with raw honey or dates!

These nutritious energy balls are a great replacement for refined sugar products. The chocolate lovers can get the same luxurious taste of chocolate with the raw cacao balls.

Raw cacao is a rich source of potent antioxidants called polyphenols that have an anti-inflammatory and immunity enhancing benefit for the body. Cacao is also rich in minerals which make it a great source for boosting energy and improving your mood and it’s caffeine‐like property can make you alert! The apricot and cranberry ones add a delicate tartness to the balls! And the sweetness in all the flavours is beautifully balanced by the salty taste of the seeds and nuts.

The ingredients are primarily seeds and nuts which, apart from their high mineral content are a great source for “good fats” or “omega 3s”.

These fats can help lower blood pressure, increase good cholesterol, lower triglycerides and help prevent heart disease and strokes.

Nuts and seeds are also rich in immunity‐boosting antioxidants. The other major ingredient is rolled oats, which pack in the dietary fiber. The beta glucan fiber in rolled oats aids the digestive process and nourishes your “good” gut bacteria.

All the ingredients are from sustainable and clean organic sources; for example, the peanut butter has no added sugar or hydrogenated oils.

The Ingredients: Organic almonds, organic sunflower seeds, organic rolled oats, dates, peanut butter and coconut flakes


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