Australian BBQ Sausages

Pack of 500g – Australian BBQ Sausages

Australian BBQ Sausages – The true Aussie classic is a mild-flavored thicker style sausage. Made with a combination of beef and pork, the flavor leans on the beef, coupled with subtle garlic and onion notes. Developed exclusively by us after repeated requests from expat Australians desperate for the nostalgic aroma of the Saturday sausage sizzle! Definitely never the ordinary factory pre-mix though when you buy Sidecar Sausages – we unlocked the recipe and developed the flavor naturally to match. No pepper and light on seasoning makes this great for children. Barbecue or panfry, and serve diagonally on a slice of white bread with fried onions and tomato sauce.


Pork, beef, water, rice flour, salt, pepper, spice, garlic, brown sugar, pork casing.

Sausage is a staple dish in many countries around the world.

It’s made from ground meat like beef, pork, or poultry, in combination with salt, spices, and other flavorings. It may also contain fillers, such as breadcrumbs or grains.

These ingredients are packed into a casing, or skin, that’s made from intestine or other materials like collagen and cellulose.

Interestingly, the way that you cook sausages changes their nutritional composition, which means that some cooking techniques are better for your health than others. Other methods may even increase your exposure to toxic compounds.

Thus, you may wonder about the best ways to prepare this scrumptious dish.

This article explores the healthiest ways to cook sausages.


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