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Barney organic eggs free roaming Barn laid – New Zealand, dozen per carton- from the Eco Egg (Barney’s Barn eggs)  farm known in New Zealand for being the first farm to spearhead the concept of promoting animal welfare for their “chucks”. As stated by the farm’s owner, they are “firmly committed to the environment, the welfare of animals and the production of healthy and nutritious farm fresh foods free of artificial supplements. “

Their hens are allowed to roam freely in a barn where they are also allowed to spread their wings, peck, perch and socialize creating a stress free environment.

The farm is audited every year for quality insurance and awarded Madallion Marks.

New Zealand is considered as one of the best places to nurture chickens and lay eggs. New Zealand has ensured high bio security by keeping their indigenous birds protected from other species via import barriers. Not even eggs from other species are allowed to enter New Zealand. It helps that the country’s temperature is temperate and sunny allowing for year long farming. A perfect “chuck” country and lower carbon footprint for Singapore.

Recipe: Egg in a Blanket, Life Changing Soft Scrambled Eggs

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