Pulled Pork – Hickory Texas BBQ

500g/pack of BBQ Pulled Pork, Hand-rubbed with secret seasoning then slow simmered to deliver flavoursome and meltingly juicy, restaurant-quality pulled pork.

Ingredients :
– pork, water, salt, pepper, sugar, garlic, plus secret spice mix.

So easy for you at home, below are the serving options :
– Gently simmer pack in water for 10 minutes, remove & allow to cool before opening for serving. Alternatively, open pack & sauté in a pan until hot.

– Just simmer in the bag for 10 minutes, and serve on a burger bun with coleslaw, or baked beans for an all-out Tex-Mex experience. Fantastic as a filling for tacos too.

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Traditional Pork & Fresh Thyme  Moroccan Merguez With Harissa2



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