Blue Swimming Crab Meat Colossal Lump

Blast Frozen Colossal crab meat, sometimes called Mega Jumbo Lump, is the largest whole unbroken pieces available from the blue crab and blue swimming crab. The colossal meat is taken from the two largest muscles connected to the back swimming legs of the crab.

What is Colossal Lump?
– Large chunks of meat that connect to the swimmer fins from Large crabs
– Fine texture and sweet taste
– Best appreciated on its own as its flavoring is delicate and mixing other ingredients will break up its tender chunks

When to use Blue Swimming Crab Meat Colossal Lump?
– Excellent if you want chunks of crab to lift with your fingers and dip in butter or sauce
– Best for cocktail presentations or in sautés

*Blue Swimmer Crab
*Product of Thailand
*Weight: 454g per can
* Serves: 6

Nutrition Facts (per 75g)
*Total fat – 1 g
* Cholestrol- 100mg
* Sodium – 150mg
* Protein – 14g

*Keep refrigerated. Do not freeze


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