Caillor Quail Boneless Frozen

About Caillor

Created in 1977, the Caillor brand occupies a leading position in France and Europe in the production of quail and maintaining sustainability, the quails are raised on the ground and fed with formulated diets to achieve the optimal productive result of its trains.

Caillor is above all an adventure in the heart of the high moors, which has survived the ages while guaranteeing you the best products over the years.

Caillor Quail Boneless Frozen is delicate and mild in flavour and work well with all types of seasonings and marinades. Quail works perfectly as a starter meal as they are smaller in size. Meat sourced in France. Each tray contains 4 pc x 110 -130g Caillor Quail Boneless Frozen. – For best results, fully defrost and cook from chilled. Can be grilled or shallow pan-fried.


Quail Meat (100%)


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