Cashew Butter

Enjoy our natural and silky cashew butter as a spread for toast, mixed in oatmeal, or a treat by itself! The best part is, it is only made of one ingredient – cashews! Our cashew butter arrives at your table in a 300g jar

No salt, no sugar, no preservative, and all-natural

Ingredients: 100% roasted cashews

Origin: Vietnam

About Eatnuf

Our health food brand is focused on providing food that tastes good without added salt and sugar – truly enough goodness on its own. Our nut butter products are 100% yummy and can spice up smoothies, sandwiches, bakes, and even ice cream.

Our goal is to see wholesome natural foods in the hands of everyone; the best foods that you and your family can enjoy anywhere anytime.

We are not your everyday major-label product.  We are Eatnuf and we put expensive imported labels and bulk bins to shame.

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