Chilled Lamb Butterflied Leg NZ

Chilled Lamb Butterflied Leg New Zealand Approx 1500g/portion – One of the most popular New Zealand outdoor summer meals from the barbecue is butterflied leg of lamb, nicely browned and crusty on the outside, pink and juicy in the middle.

When the leg of lamb is ‘slash-boned’ (the opposite of tunnel-boned) and opened out, it cooks much more quickly than the full leg on the bone. But the leg with bones removed, and each sub-primal intact, is not even in thickness so it cooks a little unevenly; the thickest parts – the topside and thick flank – take longer to cook than the thinner parts. This can be an advantage to the cook who wants to serve some meat rare, some medium or well done. But if the aim is to produce evenly rare or pink meat throughout, it is best to cut the lamb before cooking to make it as even in thickness as possible. This is done by further butterfly-cutting the topside and thick flank.

Our Lamb is Halal Certified, Grass Fed, Never been Frozen, Free of Antibiotics/Hormones, Free Ranging Outside, Farmed Ethnically & Sustainably (non GMO) & vacuum packed and Airfreighted from New Zealand to ensure the product arrives in optimum condition.

To roast – Place the leg, cut side up, on a rack in a roasting pan. Fan-bake at 180° to 200°C for 15 minutes. Turn lamb skin side uppermost and fan-bake for approximately 15 more minutes, to the desired degree of pinkness. Allow at least 20 minutes resting before carving.

To barbeque – For ease of handling on the barbecue, run two or three large metal skewers horizontally through the leg before cooking. Barbecue the lamb over steady, low heat, turning it every 10 minutes or so, basting if you wish. A small leg may need 30 to 35 minutes, a larger, thicker leg, up to 40 or 45 minutes. Do not overcook, and remember to allow plenty of resting time before carving.

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