Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse, with no sugar or carbs, this is a completely guilt-free treat, easy to prepare and wonderfully chocolatey—all natural, all good!

This Chocolate mousse is one healthy dessert full of yum minus the guilt!

Tasty Tips

This delicious dessert is very versatile. It can be made as chocolate mousse, chocolate ice-cream or even as chocolate brownies… Three ways to get a chocolate hit, with 0g carbs!

– Unsweetened Cocoa & Xylitol

Contains xylitol – should not be given to animals. Processes in a facility where nuts are present

Nutritional Information

(Per 45g serving)

Calories                  41of which Saturated Fat                       1.6
Protein (g)               3of which Trans Fat                                  0
Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g)    0Cholesterol (mg)                                    0
   of which Sugars   0Dietary Fibre (g)                                    3
  of which Polyols   9Total Sodium (mg)                       3
Total Fat (g)         2.5Total Potassium (mg)                  374

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