Cobia Fillets – Portions

Cobia Fillets – Portions. Boneless, debellied, sustainably farmed with skin on. Blast frozen and individually vacuum packed.

Ocean reared in Thailand’s Andaman Sea in Phang Nga Province with clean tidal water, immediately blast frozen to lock in its freshness.

Its flesh is dense white and slightly pink, with a firm, slightly oily, packed with delicious flavors. High in omega-3, taste how juicy and filling it is.

Easily regarded as one of the best tasting fishes not only because of its flavor-profile, but also for its versatility.

It is a very great substitute for Kuraue, Black Cod, Snapper and Himachi.

Enjoy this good-tasting fillets in so many ways such as sashimi, carpaccio, pan fried, grilled, baked, tandoori, smoked, steamed or sous-vide.

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