Delicious Roast Beef (sliced)

Pack of 200g – Delicious Roast Beef (sliced)

Slow roasted Australian grass-fed beef, Seasoned and sliced for convenience. Our recommendation. Great for sandwiches, wraps and salads.

Beef is the meat of cattle (Bos taurus).

It is categorized as red meat — a term used for the meat of mammals, which contains higher amounts of iron than chicken or fish.

Usually eaten as roasts, ribs, or steaks, beef is also commonly ground or minced. Patties of ground beef are often used in hamburgers.

Processed beef products include corned beef, beef jerky, and sausages.

Fresh, lean beef is rich in various vitamins and minerals, especially iron and zinc. Therefore, moderate intake of beef can be recommended as part of a healthy diet.

Beef protein is highly nutritious and may promote muscle maintenance and growth. Beef contains varying amounts of fat, including CLA, which has been linked to health benefits. Rich in high-quality protein, beef may help maintain and grow muscle mass. Its beta-alanine content may reduce fatigue and improve exercise performance. Plus, beef may prevent iron deficiency anemia. It’s unclear whether meat consumption or saturated fats in beef increase your risk of heart disease. Some studies observe a link, but others don’t.

This article tells you everything you need to know about beef.


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