Deliziosa Smoked Burratina


pack of 125g – Deliziosa Smoked Burratina


Back in 1992, Giovanni D’Ambruoso decided to bring his business dream to lifewith the incredible speciality cheeses of his homeland, Puglia. DELIZIOSA makes outstanding products, turning the raw Puglian milk into unique, inimitable delicacies. Handcrafted by master cheese-makers and tested to the most stringent hygiene and quality standards, the DELIZIOSA range is winning over customers from around the world. Its super-efficient distribution network takes its freshly-made products wherever they are needed. Burrata (which means buttered in italian) is a stretched-curd cheese, which looks like mozzarella but much more creamy and soft. Burrata was created in first decades of 1900’s in the city of Andria, in the Apulia region, in the south of Italy. Nowadays, it is considered one of the most delicious specialities of Apulian dairy production.

Deliziosa Smoked Burratina. Melt into this sump­tu­ous good­ness. The con­trast­ing and intox­i­cat­ing tex­ture of bur­rati­na or small­er bur­ra­ta cheese sets you on a delec­table jour­ney with each bite. Deliziosa Smoked Burratina is a fresh cheese obtained from cows’ milk, with an external surface of “pasta filata” that contains inside some slices of “pasta filata and cream. With “Pasta filata” normally used for cows’ milk mozzarella it is possible to make a small envelopes containing pieces of the same paste frayed by hand and cream. The smoking procedure is made by using the wood of beech trees. Deliziosa Smoked Burratina is a bit finer and for the gourmet a first-class experience.

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Deliziosa Burrata (50GX3)