Duck Canards Challandais Pac Cong (Frozen)

Duck, while often associated with high-fat content, is more nutrient-dense than you might think. It contains mostly healthy unsaturated fat, yet still has a rich, meaty flavor. Most cooking methods involve preparing the duck so that the majority of the fat is rendered off, leaving crispy skin and lean meat. The rendered duck fat can be used as a healthier alternative to butter or other animal fats used in cooking.

Duck meat is extremely flavorful and nutrient-dense. It’s an excellent source of protein and healthy fat as well as micronutrients including selenium, iron, and niacin. Duck eggs are also nutrient-dense with a similar nutrient profile to chicken eggs (with higher amounts per egg because duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs.)

Duck Canards Challandais Pac Cong is thought of as the star of its breed, leader of its domain. This duck benefits from acidic earth and is reared in fields with a taste of seaside winds. Most beneficial is the mild climate, which allows the duck to roam free outside all year round, in total liberty. It is fed mainly a cereal-based diet. The Challandais duck is reared with lots of care.

This “Canard Challandais” is a unique duck, with an incomparable taste and moisture.

Once stewed, this duck distinguishes itself by its unique red meat which gives it its individual taste. A flagship of French gastronomy, the Challandais duck has built its reputation within the most prestigious restaurants in France!

Origin: France
Storage: Keep Frozen
Ingredients: Duck from Challans

Weight: 2 kg


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Duck Canards Croises Pac Cong



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