Farmer Brown Free Range Eggs

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Farmer Brown can offer your family an excellent source of protein at a price you can afford. We know that protein is a building block for our body’s cells, muscles, tissues and organs, so it’s an important part of our diet. They get protein from a variety of foods, including eggs, meat and dairy but they’re not always an affordable option. Their eggs offer a quick, easy and very affordable way to provide the protein your family needs.

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About Product

Farmer Brown free range eggs are produced in a modern, high quality facility, the farm has been designed and equipped with state of the art equipment from Europe and the US. The eggs are graded and packed into recycled paper fibre egg cartons 7 days a week to ensure optimum freshness and quality. They are then airflown direct to Singapore. Their Free Range eggs give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing our hens are enjoying the very best quality of life at an affordable price. The hens that live on our Free Range farms have plenty of access to the outdoors where they are able to forage and scratch as much as they like. Airflown fresh to you!

About the Brand

Farmer Brown eggs are produced by Zeagold Foods – New Zealand’s leading egg producer. Zeagold Foods produces a full range of quality eggs and egg products for sale in New Zealand and through the Asia/Pacific region.


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