Fermin Jamon Iberico Sliced

Pack of 100g – Fermin Jamon Iberico Sliced

Fermin Jamon Iberico Sliced products are the result of a cross breed between 100% Ibérico with the 100% Duroc pig to offer a more affordable, lower fat content pig for everyday use. Fed on a diet of grains, these products have a strong visual fat marbling and subtle flavor that are a result of Fermín’s generations of practiced artisan production methods.


Ibérico pig is a direct descendant of the wild boars that used to inhabit the entire Mediterranean basin many years ago. They have a thin and stylized skeleton with a long straight snout and very strong legs. But, what truly makes this animal unique is its ability to develop fat infiltrations in their muscles, creating a perfect marbling effect on their meat.

Recipe: Arugula & Jamon Iberico Salad


  1. Fresh arugula, cleaned
  2. Fermin Iberico Ham, Shoulder or Loin
  3. Fresh peaches, sliced
  4. Heirloom tomatoes, sliced
  5. Queso de cabra, queso fresco or fresh mozzarella
  6. Marcona Almonds
  7. Extra virgen olive oil
  8. Balsamic reduction
  9. Pinch of salt and pepper


Tossed the arugula with the olive oil, tomatoes, peaches, almonds, salt & pepper. Then add the Jamón and the cheese. Serve and finish it with the balsamic and a pinch more of olive oil.


The art of wine pairing applies also in the food and one of the most important things is the fat content. If you want to enjoy a spectacular salad with Fermin Iberico Ham or Shoulder, you should consider that:

  • You need to add different colors, textures and flavors. To have a memorable experience you always need something fresh, acid, sweet, creamy, salty and crunchy on each bite.
  • The dressing should be light and simple. You want the ingredients to show their best.
  • The two most important flavors to balance the ham are the acid (on greens or dressing) and the sweet (on fruits or dressing).


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