Rhubarb & Apple Pressé

Rhubarb & Apple Pressé

Enjoy this refreshing drink, free from any preservatives or artificial sweeteners or additives.

Folkington’s roots are all about provenance and sustainable sourcing. Each of their  product is made from the same varieties of fruit sourced from the same farmers, or farming co-operatives allowing for consistency in superior taste and quality to their products.

Gently sparkling rhubarb & apple pressé, made from English rhubarb & apple from Herefordshire. (Worcester & Scrumptious varieties).

Rhubarb is also a great source of vitamin K1, which is important for blood clotting and bone health. A half cup of cooked rhubarb provides more than one-third of the recommended dietary intake of vitamin K1, along with two grams of fiber (which helps prevent colorectal cancer), some calcium and vitamin C.

Rhubarb originated in China, where its roots were first harvested and dried for medicinal use. It is now grown either outdoors or in greenhouses in temperate climates throughout northeast Asia, North America and northern Europe. Stalks may be harvested starting in their second growing season. The stalks range in color from green to red and have large, green leaves.

Benefits of Apple

  1. Good for Diabetics and Blood Sugar regulation
  2. Aids Weight Loss
  3. Enables Smoother Digestion
  4. Helps Relieve Constipation and Diarrhoea
  5. Protecting bones
  6. Reduces Cholesterol
  7. Boost Brain Power
  8. For a Brighter Smile and Stronger Gums

Ingredients: carbonated natural spring water, 30% pure (not from concentrate) English apple juice, 13.4% pure (not from concentrate) English rhubarb juice, sugar.

Typical values per 100mL:

Energy 134 kJ / 32 kcal
Fat (of which)  0g

Saturates 0g

Carbohydrate (of which) 7.7 g

Sugars 7.7 g
Protein 0.1 g
Salt 0.1 g

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