Canada Oyster – Fresh

Canada Oyster (Fresh) – 3” – 4” / 4” – 5” – imported live from Canada, no growth hormones and antibiotics, sustainably farmed and fresh upon delivery.

Freshly harvested in Atlantic and Pacific Canada, they continue to thrive in the cleanest environment possible provided by our partner farm in Singapore.

To maintain the cleanest and safest habitat for the Oysters to flourish, marine water is used, that constantly undergoes 4 levels of disinfection system— not only responsible for its clean taste, but also for its superior cleanliness for consumption.

High grade Oyster is produced, with the proper practice of breeding methods, weekly lab tests, and state of the art technology of aquaculture, gaining an accreditation from GAP (Good Aquaculture Practice for Fish Farming).

Enjoy its crisp texture that is sweet and mild with a briny flavor that is both meaty and creamy.


Harvested according to your order 6- 12 hours before home delivery from our partner farm in Singapore ensuring they arrive Fresh.


Our partner farm and delivery vans are equipped with proper temperatures and facilities to guarantee freshness.

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