Janier Chavignol AOP – Chevre Fermier

Pack of 60gr – Janier Chavignol AOP – Chevre Fermier


Beginning from the grandfather; Clément-Félix JANIER, from Jura and located in “LES JANIER”, in a small place called Piards, close to Prénovel, traveling to Lyon with his cheeses: “Compté”.  Noël, son of Clément, fell in love with the cheese industry as a kid, joined and helped the family business. Several experiences allowed the success of the famous “Bleus d’Auvergne” and “Camemberts”.

The small cylindrical goat cheese from the area around Janier Chavignol AOP – Chevre Fermier has been produced since the 16th century, but the earliest extant written record dates from 1829 when its name and brief details of the cheese were recorded by a tax inspector.

Protected by the AOC Seal, Crottin de Chavignol is produced today with traditional methods. If a cheese is labelled “Crottin de Chavignol”, it has to be from the area around Chavignol, and it has to meet the stringent AOC production criteria.

Crottin de Chavignol is subtle and slightly nutty. In its youth (Chavignol jeune), its dough is solid and compact, and its rind is white. As it ripens (Chavignol bleuté), it takes on a stronger flavour and develops a harder rind. With full maturity (Chavignol affiné), the dough becomes crumbly and the mould on the rind matures into a bluish colour. The cheese is marketed and eaten at all three stages of maturity.

A classic dish is baked Crottin de Chavignol on a green salad. The dish is said to go well with a Sancerre wine from its home region. Although commonly served as a baked starter, Chavignol is also often found cold as a component element of a cheese board selection.

Goat Cheese

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