King Coconut Water

Sri Lankans have long used King Coconut Water as a home-remedy to curb and reverse the effects of non-communicable diseases (such as diabetes and hypertension), which are currently on the rise globally due to the consumption of artificial and sugar-added beverages. BEV Ceylon© was born out of a passion to share the natural goodness of this fruit with the world

Teaming up with several Sri Lankan Universities, the Sri Lanka National Medical Research Institute, and the Coconut Research Institute, we are working towards unlocking the truth, science, and potential behind King Coconut Water. To extract and protect the maximum the fruit has to offer, we use processes certified by global institutions all the way through from the plucking to the glass bottle

King Coconut Water by BEV Ceylon is bottled in a facility approved by the Sri Lankan Board of Investment currently committed to providing over 2000 employment opportunities, including among local cultivators. Given that our promise ies in 1 natural beverage free of any artificial substances, we have further undertaken to use a green approach by minimizing our carbon footprint and using organic cultivation methods

A natural isotonic and rich in electrolytes, King Coconut Water is absorbed instantly by our bodies, making it the perfect organic thirst-quenching energy drink for the whole family.

But what makes King Coconut Water by BEV Ceylon® a premium product? Rare and native to Sri Lanka, both locals and tourists always choose the naturally sweeter King Coconut Water for its far superior taste 1.

We are certified with BRC and GMP Sri Lanka for global and local food safety standards, and our King Coconut Water is USDA Organic, JAS, USFDA, Halal and Star K Kosher certified.

We know those who taste it, crave it. That’s why we also package our product for distribution as both singles of 350ml and 6 pack cartons.

The taste, however, may vary by season. It is all-natural, after all.