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3. Manincor, La Manina, Chardonnay Blend, Italy (biodynamic) 2015


La Manina, Chardonnay Blend

Vintage 2015
Country Italy
Region Alto-Adige
Producer Manincor
Grape Variety Pinot Blanc 50%, Sauvignon Blanc 30%, Chardonnay 20%
Colour White
Size 750 ml
ABV 13%
Certification Biodynamic since 2004

Manincor has established a superior wine culture for marrying 400-year old traditions with the present. With their ultimate goal of achieving the highest natural quality of wines, they are now reaping the fruits of their labor.

Each bottle they create is an embodiment of elegance and finesse—nurturing a perfect balance of traditional and modern touches. Their Chardonnay Blend is an epitome of elegance and finesse, with a crisp taste of fruity flavors, exuding herbal aromas of sage and mint.

Goes well with fish such as salmon, starters or white meats.


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