Laurent – Perrier Cuvee Rose

Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose. Fueled by innovation and tradition, the house of Laurent-Perrier is world-renowned for making premium champagnes like their Cuvée Rosé since 1812.

From the boldness and know-how of the House of Laurent-Perrier, La Cuvee Rose was perfected in 1968—acknowledged for its consistency and its premium quality.

Each bottle of champagne they produce has a signature style of freshness, lightness, and elegance, making their exquisite selection available in 160 countries worldwide.

Aged for 5 years minimum, each Cuvée Rosé has a high-intensity taste profile that is characterized by fresh red fruit aromas. Enjoy a full aromatic richness of the Pinot Noir, with a high intensity characteristic and great freshness in every sip.

The Cuvée Rosé has an aromatic depth that makes it ideal for pairing with marinated raw fish, grilled prawns, exotic dishes, Parma ham and red fruit desserts. For those with a more daring palate, it goes well with Asian and Indian cuisine.

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