Low Gl Brown Rice – All Natural Wholegrain

Low Gl Brown Rice All Natural Wholegrain

Goodness They Create

Common reasons cited by Singaporeans for their aversion to brown rice are; inferior in taste, too hard and “grainy”, and more expensive. This is how we overcome these hurdles:

Taste: They use their own proprietary rice for a tastier and more fragrant brown rice that has passed the taste-test of discerning Singaporeans.

Texture: Take a bite of their proprietary brown rice you will quickly realise how soft and fluffy the texture is.

Price: By managing the entire value chain, we become cost effective by leveraging on economies-of-scale and eliminating middlemen.

Consistency: With full control of our growing and production processes, our rice is consistent in quality bacth after batch.


Feel the Goodness

Low Gl Brown rice has its bran and germ inftact and is considered a wholegrain, unlike refined white rice which is stripped of its nutrients.

Nutrient Rich:
Higher in protein, iron and fibre. Greater amounts of B Vitamins, vitamin E and Minerals.

Preventive Wellness:
Lowers the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Feel Better:
Keeps you satiated longer, facilitates healthy bowel movement and improves metabolism.


Try The Goodness

Distinct barley-like fragrance and soft fluffy texture, without the huskiness of common unpolished rice. Highly Versatile in use (adapt accordingly to any rice recipe). As delicious on its own as it is with your favorite dishes.


-NON GMO Certified

-Low Glycemic Certified


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