Nirvana Lager Beer

NIRVANA LAGER 330ML BEER – 0.3%/ bottle

Nirvana Larger Beer is crisp, clean, and immaculately balanced, standing head and shoulders above the rest. Unfiltered to retain maximum flavour. A true Bavarian icon.
•    Golden Colour
•    Pleasant Biscuit Notes
•    Natural Carbonation
•    Nectar Finish

Now Fitbeer has been rebranded and is part of Nirvana range of beers, a brewery that the Keans also co-founded. The recipe hasn’t changed so there’s still only 66 calories a bottle (20 calories per 100ml) along with 13g of carbs and 3.6g of sugar in a bottle.

Nirvana doesn’t use any unusual ingredients such as lactose (milk sugar) in its non-alcoholic beer, sticking with water, yeast, hops and barley malt. This means it’s suitable for vegans.


Free Spirit was born when two female entrepreneurs hit up against the same problem, the lack of alcohol-free drink options in Singapore, and decided to join forces to deliver the solution.

A growing number of people worldwide want to reduce or eliminate, alcohol from their lifestyle. Free Spirit’s founders passionately believe that those consumers should be free to choose a sophisticated adult drinking experience and not be relegated to sweet sodas and mocktails. Asia is lagging behind other parts of the world when it comes to alcohol-free options, and Free Spirit is on a mission to put that right.

Rebecca Forwood from The Fishwives and Emma Pike from Farmer’s Market are competitors in the food industry, who are using their combined energy and experience to bring Singapore consumers a carefully curated list of alcohol-free beverages that taste as good as the real thing.


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