Olives Kalamata Organic Terra Creta

315 ml (Terra Creta Olives Oil) – Terra Creta has searched all mainland Greece to find the best, most delicious, naturally fermented olives. Terra Creta offers Green and Kalamata olives from selected areas of Northern and Southern Greece.

Green “Chalkidiki” olives are grown in the region of northern Greece. The deep blue of the Aegean sea, the bright sun and the fertile greek land created these impressive and tasty table olives.

Kalamata olives with their brownish-black color and their characteristic “almond” shape have a unique and splendid taste from all other olive varieties of the world. The Kalamata olives grow only in specific regions of Greece, in limited quantities, so they are considered a very special product. The olives are produced using traditional lactic acid fermentation resulting at a healthy choice

Benefits of the olive-based diet

-Natural Product

-Without additives and preservatives

-No colors

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