Organic Cauliflower

Cauliflower Organic

Organic Cauliflower – Origin varies according to season, freshness and least carbon footprint.

*actual size depends on individual produce and is an estimate

Health benefits of Cauliflower such us :

1. Antioxidant Agent
2. Improves Cardiovascular Health
3. Prevents Cancer
4. Improves Bone Health
5. Macular Degeneration
6. Detoxifies the Body
7. Protects from Ultraviolet Radiation
8. Treats Neurodegenerative Disorders
9. Reduces Hypertension and Cholesterol
10. Maintains Electrolyte Balance
11. Boosts Immune System
12. Prevents Obesity
13. Helps in Pregnancy
14. Improves Brain and Cellular Health
15. Controls Diabetes
16. Heals Colitis
17. Reduces Risk of Stroke
18. Culinary Uses

More informations about this benefits can you read here

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