Organic Juliet Red Apples

Juliet Red Apple – Organic

4pcs/pack French Origin, Organic Juliet Red Apples

Taste the best Organic Juliet Red Apples from France, the freshest apples available in the market.

An exceptional variety, A unique concept – the only apple in the world produced exclusively from organic farming – NATURALLY resistant to scab and oidium (main diseases affecting apple trees) – rustic aspect (slightly flattened fruits) – crunchy – full of flavour – a mild, sweet taste – very juicy – excellent preservation.

Juliet Apples is a development strategy founded on the commitment of all the partners, from the nurseryman to the distributor! The producers of Juliet® and ESCANDE nursery created an association together: “Les Amis de Juliet®”. The producers are therefore at the heart of this adventure!

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