Organic Spanish Cauliflower

Organic Spanish Cauliflower

Fresh and Organic Spanish Cauliflower, 100% Organic, 100% EU Organic and Swiss BioCertified (farms), 100% Global Gap Certified (farmers)

Freshly harvested from 100% EU Organic and Swiss BioCertified lush pastures in Southern part of Spain, enjoy smooth tasting Cauliflower at its most natural, free from pesticides.

Each Cauliflower enhances the natural habitat in which they grow, enabling the soils to remain nourished, free from harmful chemicals. It is done so to sustain the normal natural level of minerals that support the life of the Cauliflower plant, to yield the best produce, responsible for its seasonal availability.

To ensure the highest quality of produce, not only do the Cauliflower get laboratory tested regularly, but also the soil and packing line by European Union Certified Laboratories—the most strict regulatory body in the world for pesticide levels and harmful chemicals in agricultural yields.

Expect nothing less from 100% organic, natural Cauliflower that is traceable—from the farmer, location, date, transportation type and time.

Click here for important requirements set by the EU for organic labeling and to which our Spanish farmers comply with to give you the best selection of Cauliflower.


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