Organic Tomato Basil Sauce

Organic Tomato Basil sauce 500 g

Alce Nero’s farming philosophy completely avoids chemical fertilizers and weed killers. This allows for the earth with all its essential minerals to grow untainted, organic tomatoes—constantly controlling and checking the tomatoes from the field through processing.

This Organic Tomato Basil sauce is made from elongated tomatoes, including Coimbra, Ercole, and other varieties, which are grown on approximately 30 farms in the Po Delta in the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna.

The tomato varieties used for this product feature firm, well-structured flesh as well as a sweet and delicate flavor.

From the time of harvest, choosing only the ones with the right level of ripeness, the tomatoes are processed within eight hours on average in order to preserve all the flavor, aroma, and nutrients.

Enjoy this ready-made sauce for a quick, tasty, and healthy pasta dish!

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