Pork Minced Borrowdale Farm

500g/pack Pork minced, Fresh Chilled. Our selection come from the free range Barrowdale farm situated near Goondiwindi on Queenland’s fertile Darling Downs. The farm has an ethical approach by raising pigs in a stress free environment with a focus on animal welfare practices and no additional growth hormones. It starts by offering 10,000 acres of farm land dedicated to offering APIQ Free Range Certified standards.

This practice in Australia entails that the pigs are kept permanently outdoors for their entire life with the freedom to truffle, play, and wallow in the mud or pastures. The pigs are even offered insulated huts filled with deep straw bedding for comfort. Pig glamping at Barrowdale.

The benefits from these happy, stress free pigs is the ultimate taste and properties such as no moisture infusion required during broiling or baking.

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