Sauerkraut Red Fermented

Fermented red sauerkraut –  left to steep and sit for about 24 hours until the sugars are broken down to promote the growth of good bacteria.  These beneficial bacteria work as reinforcement for the good bacteria in the digestive system.

Freshly made in Singapore with natural ingredients and no preservatives or chemical additives.

Add Sauerkraut to your Salads, Sandwhiches, as Garnish, Dressing, Smoothie

The benefits of probiotics include:

  • Enhanced immune system response1
  • Balancing out the adverse effects of antibiotics, including occasional diarrhea2
  • Healthier looking skin and improved complexion3
  • Enhanced ability to digest food4
  • Increased nutrient absorption from food5
  • Encourages normal digestive health, including promoting normal bowel movements.6
  • Increased ability to synthesize B vitamins7
  • Heightened ability to absorb calcium8

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