Schrenckii Caviar

About N25

N25, its name, stands for the extraordinary origin that makes the products truly unique. Located at 25° north latitude in the mountains at over 2200 meters altitude, the aquaculture facility sits in a hidden gem of natural beauty. It provides N25 with the cleanest air, purest spring water, and the optimal climate to raise the sturgeons that give birth to premium N25 caviar

Schrenckii Caviar. The very rare Schrenckii sturgeon produce caviar cherished by many for its nutty buttery flavor, often with rich egg yolk nuances.

AROMA : Very nutty and creamy, the richness of egg yolk, with a delightful long & pure aftertaste.

SPECIES : Acipenser Schrenckii

ROE SIZE : 3.2mm to 3.3mm per roe

ROE COLOR : Golden brown to Golden



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