Snow Crab Leg

Our Snow Crab is caught off the icy shores of Canada. It is the perfect balance of sweet and slightly salty. Each leg has its shell removed at the top, enhancing the gastronomic experience.  This presentable Snow Crab leg makes a great appetizer for gatherings or parties. Have it as an ingredient in your hot pot, steamboat or place it on the grill as well.

Crab is packed with protein, which is important for building and maintaining muscle. Crab also contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and selenium. These nutrients play vital roles in improving general health while helping prevent a variety of chronic conditions. from WebMD

Snow crab legs have a slightly saltier taste, while king crab legs are often described as having a richer, more robust flavor. This difference in taste can be attributed to factors such as diet, habitat, and species variation. Some chefs and home cooks may prefer the delicate flavor of snow crab for lighter dishes, while others might opt for the meatier king crab legs in more robust recipes. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and the specific dish being prepared.

Both snow crab and king crab legs can be prepared using various cooking methods, including boiling, steaming, grilling, and baking. The choice of cooking method will depend on personal preference and the specific recipe being followed.

While snow crab legs and king crab legs share many similarities, they also have distinct differences in size, flavor, culinary uses, price, habitat, fishing season, sustainability, nutritional benefits, health benefits, dietary considerations, and cooking methods. By experimenting with both types of crab legs and various recipes, you can determine which variety best suits your palate and culinary preferences.


Product Type: Frozen

Country of Origin: Canada

Category: Seafood, Shellfish

Also available:  King Crab and Dungeness Crab Leg & Claw


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