Sourdough Brioche Tin Loaf

A tender and delicious Sourdough Brioche Tin Loaf from Starter Lab. Containing a touch of yeast & sugar, with 40% butter we have not skimped on the good stuff, still long-fermented with a hint of sourdough. You’ll be able to keep this for several days (but it won’t last outside the belly more than one day).

Weight: 600g (pre-baked weight)

Butter content: 40%

Ingredients: Flour, yeast, sugar, butter, milk, salt, egg, water.

*Please note this item contains dairy and eggs.

About Starter Lab

From hipster area of Canggu in Bali to Havelock Road, Starter Lab Bakery has opened its 2nd outpost (in the world) right here in Singapore.

Here’s why the fuss: baker-consultant Emerson Manibo has worked at New York’s Per Se, trained at famed Tartine and Della Fattoria bakeries in California.

Starter Lab Bakery in Bali supplies its bakes to Locavore and its sourdough loaves were popular enough with Singaporeans that the owners decided to set out an outlet here.

It’s definitely not a simple feat for a homegrown brand to gain such a loyal following and open an overseas branch so quickly, so they must be doing something right. In fact, their sourdoughs are so popular that they even partner with numerous renowned restaurants back in Bali.

All the loaves and pastries served (other than the scones) contain sourdough/starter, and loaves are fermented over 36 hours before being baked.

On top of the sourdough loaves, they also sell other delights such as the Miso Baguette, Milky White, Foccacia, Scones, Banana Bread, and what looked like a cruffin. Taste of the Miso Baguette definitely more unique than a regular baguette. Slightly more savoury than usual, with a hint of umami and sourness.

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