Traslapiedra – Malbec, 2019

Traslapiedra is a wine of thirst, able to quench the thirst of a sailor in the desert or a Bedouin at sea.

Thirst brought about the curiosity. Then came the fantasy. Then the action. Then the fact. Traslapiedra is the project of four winemaker friends who gathered to make wines out of a Marine Desert known as Paraje Altamira.

Traslapiedra Description

This natural-style Malbec is fermented with native yeast and aged entirely in concrete. It’s lively on the nose in reedy wild berry and red currant aromas. The crisp, racy palate is jolting, while flavors of red plum, currant and cranberry lean spicy prior to a tight, focused finish. Organic.

Variety: Malbec 100%
Origin: Paraje Altamira, Mendoza, Argentina
Altitude: 1,100 masl
Soil: Alluvial origin, granite stones covered with calcium carbonate
Yield: 6,000 kilos per hectare
Harvest: Manual
Fermentation: With native yeasts in concrete pool
Aging: 12 months in a concrete pool
Alcohol: 13.5%
Acidity: 6gr/l
PH: 3.65


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