Traslapiedra – Malbec Reserve, 2020

Traslapiedra is a wine of thirst, able to quench the thirst of a sailor in the desert or a Bedouin at sea.

Thirst brought about the curiosity. Then came the fantasy. Then the action. Then the fact. Traslapiedra is the project of four winemaker friends who gathered to make wines out of a Marine Desert known as Paraje Altamira.

After four harvests we were able to give shape to our desire to make a better wine that is not only our idea of ​​Malbec but also our idea of ​​Malbec from Paraje Altamira.

Preserving and enhancing the fresh style and fluid pace, but with a point of density and grip in the mouth. In greater balance of its parts and greater fine-grained texture.

We use barrels in the aging of part of the wine to refine and we kept part of the aging in concrete. The best of here and there, a Re-serva wine, a Recharged Traslapiedra, a Re-Traslapiedra.




Soil: Alluvial soil, granitic gravels covered with carbonate calcium.


Harvest: Manual

Fermentation: Concretevatswithnativeyeast.





Bottle: Botella750cc.


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