Tuscan Kale

Non-GMO, traceable, wholesome and safe produce, cultivated in pesticide and pollution-free farms.

Locally grown using the hydroponics method, get the freshest Tuscan Kale the moment of its harvest (150g/pack).

As opposed to conventional farming, hydroponics is a farming technique without the use of soil—it already eliminates the possibility of congesting toxic minerals and composts that dwell in soils.

Instead, the indoor vertical farm uses precision controlled environment technology to deliver Sparkle Rocket whole-year around, with its nutrition profile highly intact.

Following stringent farming processes, enjoy Tuscan Kale free from heavy metals and micro-biological pathogens such as e-coli and salmonella. It is nurtured as a non-GMO seedling and harvested at its peak flavor, under grow systems that actively regulate temperature, humidity, hydro-nutrition, ventilation, cooling and various other input parameters.

Enjoy the freshest Tuscan Kale packed with nutrients and flavors without traces of chemicals!

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