Vega Mancha Romero Sheep Cheese With Rosemary

pack of 220g – Vega Mancha Romero Sheep Cheese With Rosemary


Quesos Vega Sotuelamos, located in the heart of La Mancha, is one of the leading manufacturers of cheese with Manchego Designation of Origin, both in industrial cheese and artisan cheese. VEGA MANCHA is the international trademark for the dairy products made by QUESOS VEGA SOTUELAMOS, CENTRAL QUESERA MONTESINOS, and QUESERIA LAFUENTE. Our traditional sheep´s cheese farm is located in a small shepherds´ village not very far from Albacete, in the Region of La Mancha. Our cheese is being made using the ancient procedures which give its special flavour and quality to this cheese made of 100% local sheep milk in both varieties raw & pasteurized, with Protected Designation of Origin status (Manchego). Through our partners, we can offer the most famous Goat´s cheese like Murcia al Vino DPO, Murcia Curado, and Goat Log; and Cow’s cheese like Mozzarella, Cheddar, Emmental.

A fantastic cheese made with raw sheep’s milk. Ripened for a minimum of 8 months. Its rind has an unctuous touch because it is coated with rosemary and lard. It has a firm and compact paste of variable color from white to ivory-yellowish. Its slightly acid and fruity taste becomes spicy as the healing progresses. It gives off a strong aroma with notes of pine, nutmeg, and lavender. Vega Mancha Romero Sheep Cheese With Rosemary full of nuances that full in the mouth

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