Wild Caught Alaskan King Salmon

Wild Caught Alaskan King Salmon (Blast Frozen) / packet 240g – 250g

Wild Caught Alaskan King Salmon, sometimes known as Chinook salmon, contains the highest omega-3 levels of all the wild Alaska salmon species. Ours is troll-caught using individual lures and lines and portioned into perfect four to five-ounce servings for your convenience

The Wild Caught Alaskan King Salmon get their deep red color from pigments in crustaceans in the salmons’ diet. Some King Salmon – about one in 20 – have white meat due to an inability to process these pigments in their food. Though it is light in color, the ivory king’s flavor is as rich as a red-colored King Salmon’s.

Research has shown the Ivory Kings and the red-fleshed Kings are identical in the composition of lipids, moisture, protein, and omega -3 fatty acids, the “good” fats that can protect one from heart disease. But Ivory kings are preferred by many fans of King Salmon as it’s said to be a “true melt in your mouth delicacy” and it is much oiler, therefore tastier.

Flavor & Texture
* Rich and full in flavour
* Delicate to medium texture
* High oil content makes the flesh softer than the other salmon species
* Rich red flesh
* Flavor can be easily enhanced by your favourite seafood seasoning or marinade

Ideal Cooking Methods
– Bake
– Broil
– Grill
– Poach
– Pan- Fry
– Smoke



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